Our mission


Shades of Black is a business with a threefold social mission: strengthening places of origin, forging connections, and collective story-making. 


Strengthening places of origin: Origin here not only refers to geographical location, but also to whatever it is that makes any person ultimately human. A state of mind in this sense can be a place of origin as a starting point for one to feel rooted and fully human. This principle could then be about reaffirming humanness in an individual or a collective.  


Forging connections: Humans have a need as well as an inclination to connect with others. We are basically social animals. It is often superficial factors that create an illusion that we have nothing in common with others in different circumstances. It is only when these superficial factors are stripped that we are reminded of the core within us that essentially makes us the same. Shades of Black plans to use different approaches to remind people across different contexts of this fact.   


Collective story-making: Once people have engaged with each other in any form, they cannot help but be affected by the experience. Their ensuing life stories will more or less be testimony to this meeting point. Shades of Black intends for this collective story-making to be less unconscious. It is in the honouring of the role that others have played in one’s life that uBuntu can be realized.  

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